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Quarter Life Crisis

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Answer To Your Question...

...Yes, I've all but completely given up on blogging for the following reasons:

A) No one reads this shit but a select few. Those few are people I generally speak to in "the real world" several times a month or more.

B) I used to do almost all my blogging from work, where my responsibilities have grown making it almost impossible for me to find any free time. This is especially true in an election year (where we do double the amount of shows from a normal year) and right as we are preparing to move the entire warehouse.

C) My free time away from work has been spent either planning a wedding, spending time with my future wife, spending time with my friends and family, or playing Warcraft. I don't have time for blogging.

D) Unless you'd really like to read about the wonders of wedding invitations, how my Warcraft character is progressing, or the exciting world of producing last minute political events for a candidate that isn't going to win, then you'd be SOL. I really don't have much else worth writing about these days.

E) From what I've found at least, the blogging trend seems to be dying out. Those blogs that are successful and have a decent readership will stick around, but the lame ones like mine are starting to fade in numbers. Unlike 2006 when Time magazine named "YOU" the person of the year because everyone and their brother had a blog and/or a MySpace page, I don't think anyone really cares anymore. Even people I know who went ape shit over MySpace 2 years ago, simply don't give a flying fudge about it these days.

I'm certainly going to keep the website up and around, and maybe someday in the near future will resume blogging once again. This almost certainly won't be until after the wedding, after we've moved the shop, and after the presidential elections. I even thought briefly about turning this sucker into a music blog, but I don't even follow new music as closely as I used to. Maybe I'm just getting boring as I get older who knows?

Until next time...

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