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Quarter Life Crisis

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Really F@cking Pissed!

I applied for my passport on Wednesday March 7. At the time I applied the wait time for a passport was 8 weeks. I travel to Mexico on Friday of this week. I still have yet to receive my passport. This after a phone call on Tuesday to the National Passport Agency, I was told I would have it in my hands by Sunday (yesterday).

We're heading into week 11 here. My friends Nick and Erin applied for their passports a week after me yet still received them over a week ago. If I don't have my passport by Wednesday of this week, heads are going to fucking roll. YOU HEAR ME STATE DEPARTMENT? HEADS WILL FUCKING ROLL!!!

UPDATE: This morning (5/23) at 7:15 am, after 50 phone calls, tons of anxious waiting, and I near nervous breakdown, I finally got my passport. Now excuse me while I go dance a jig.

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